The Dark Tower (Movie)

Image from Bev Vincent reviews ‘The Dark Tower’

I watched the movie today at 3:50pm (pacific)

I can say I am not disappointed. I knew months before it opened, I would NOT look at this movie like a re-creation of the 7 (+1) novels. It wouldn’t be possible to make a movie 60 minutes long to cover the extensive detail in those novels.
However, I was anticipating this movie like no other that I can remember. Ever. The novels created characters and places that were beyond description (unless you read the books). And then I finished them. The End. BUT, an additional mind fantasy about the world(s) in the Dark Tower in movie format??!! So happy!!!
So it has been several hours since I left the theater and I am still cogitating over what I saw. I do know I love Idris Elba and the cast was good. Jake was a very, very good Jake. I loved that he wasn’t famous in some other role. He really became Jake from the novels for me. Although Jake and Roland are not the only ones in the Dark Tower novels (Ka-tet???), from what I read, there may be sequels. I will be there too. I want to see Susannah (and Detta) and Eddie and OY the billy-bumbler!!♥
All in all, it’s a good movie and fun. Now, I am going to spend endless nights, engulfed for a few more months re-reading The Gunslinger novels for the 4th time now. ♥♥♥♥ And happy about it ♥♥♥♥


Author: kademby

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