Zombie GMO (Neisseria)

2014-07-14 18.20.20Ok, I laugh at my own humor and the title is classic. I am a huge zombie apocalypse fan, a microbiologist, and have issues with GM foods AND STIs (also known as STDs if you have the disease). Great new combination for a walking dead movie! After I finish the book of course….

But I digress even before I start. This blog is ACTUALLY about the recent identification of widespread antimicrobial resistant gonorrhea. You can read the technical information from our trusty Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC). However, I am here to give you layman’s information and help the non-scientist relate to the gravity of this situation.

Let me define Resistance: The ability not to be affected by something, especially adversely. Antimicrobial resistance is when the bacteria will not be killed with previously routine drugs. This means your body is left to defend through natural methods from an infectious organism.

Now let’s define gonorrhea. This is a bacteria that is not “normal” for humans. If you are infected, you will either be sick, not know you are sick, sterilized, or all the way up the ladder to possibly one of the 3,200 plus (that is thousand) dead from infection. If infected, you can pass it on through sexual contact (i.e. vaginal sex, oral, anal) and from mother to child at birth. The key point I want to make is unprotected sex and multiple partners are dangerous. This is only ONE of the STIs. There are far worse.

Be informed that those giant pills you would take for an STI are the antibiotics. They only work for bacterial infections. Not viruses. Gonorrhea is bacterial. Those giant pills were basically of 3 different kinds or classes. Two classes are proving to be ineffective because of “resistance” by the bacteria. The one class that is not completely useless is the LAST RESORT. For your information they are called cephalosporins.

So I offer the problem and there are countless efforts discussing and defining it (just search antimicrobial resistance). Maybe one reader or blogger or innovative genius can put forth a SOLUTION?


Author: kademby

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